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What is the role of warehousing shelves?
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What is the role of warehousing shelves?

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1. Three-dimensional structure can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity and expand warehouse storage capacity.

2. Easy access to goods, first-in-first-out, 100% selection ability, smooth inventory turnover;

3. The goods in the warehouse shelves are clear at a glance and easy to count, divide and measure.

4. To meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a wide variety of products, and to cooperate with mechanical handling tools, the storage and handling work can also be done in an orderly manner.

5. The goods stored in the shelves are not extruded and the material loss is small, which can completely preserve the function of the material itself and reduce the possible loss of the goods in the storage link.

6. To ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture-proof, theft-proof, dust-proof and damage-proof can be taken to improve the storage quality of materials.

7. To meet the management needs of low-cost, low-consumption and high-efficiency logistics supply of modern enterprises;

8. It has large gravity, not easy to deform, reliable connection and easy disassembly and assembly.


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