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Warehouse Storage Drive In Rack
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Warehouse Storage Drive In Rack


Warehouse Storage Drive In Rack

Rack description:
Drive In Rack are also known as corridor-style shelves or drive-in shelves. The Drive In Rack adopts the tray access mode, which is suitable for the storage of large types of goods in a small variety. It is a type of shelf that effectively increases warehouse utilization, with a warehouse utilization of up to 50%.

Rack Features:
1. On the support rails, the trays are stored in the depth direction, one next to the other, which makes high-density storage possible.
2, the goods access from the same side of the shelf in and out, first save and then take, then save first, balance weight and forward-moving forklift can easily enter the middle of the shelf to access the goods, without taking up multiple channels.
3. This kind of shelf is suitable for storing large-volume, Drive In Rack. Both the legs and the oxen Rack are made of integral stamping/rolling technology, which has strong carrying capacity and beautiful appearance.
4. Drive In Rack is fully inserted and assembled. The column is a fabricated structure. The total depth of the rack in the wall area is generally controlled within 5 tray depths. The total depth of the racks in the middle area can be controlled. Within 10 tray depths to increase the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

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