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The safety In Production
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The safety In Production

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-05-11      Origin:Site

The mention of the production will be reminiscent of "security" of the word, is a prerequisite for all the work safety in production workshop, in the workshop you see most is the word "security" (a variety of security policies and procedures) it can be seen that the safety in production status.

Workshop team leader every day to the crew assigned tasks at the same time, that is the most secure, because you can only ensure the safety of the situation to do every thing, but in the actual production process there are still some employees are not in accordance with the operating rules, that their skills do not need according to the procedures to do, according to his habit to do it, that it should not be an accident, the safety awareness of the performance is the psychological paralysis. Is often hold fluky psychology which leads to the occurrence of safety accidents, a living example is suspends in front of us, then accidents occurred shortly before the shop, because it is not in accordance with the procedures to do, in the hole without the workpiece fixed began operating the machine, resulting in hand was twisted into the machine fortunately, no injuries to the head, to the hospital a few stitches for a period of time to recover, but fortunately there was someone to turn off the machine power supply, this time to avoid the occurrence of major accidents. Accidents like this is to give us a wake-up call to remind, we must strictly abide by rules of safe operation.

Safety alarm bells ringing, security is a bloody lesson summary, social communication in today's developed, daily news will be reported some accidents, these accidents are man-made, because some people do not according to the provisions of the system leads to the tragic scenes on the play, and these security incidents is at the moment remind us of safety first, cherish life!

As the metal processing enterprises, we will work on the priority among priorities, every year, every month, every day to catch on, from the start bit by bit, be strict in one's demands. The phenomenon of good safety checks on some irregularities and hidden safety trouble every day posted a bulletin, for some incorrigible staff stop Gang learning safety knowledge to realize the importance of safety, and the safety of Rao in your mind and prevent safety accidents.

Talk about the importance of personal and corporate security, security of person in relation to the whole family, personal safety or not directly affects the fate of the family, especially as the mainstay of the family, the event of a serious safety accident, the family that will be a major disaster. The family are looking forward to you have to go to work, come home safely, such a home is complete. And security for enterprises that will be directly about the development of enterprises, safety is the lifeline of the enterprise survival and development of enterprises, once the accident occurred, light compensation, or to suspend business for rectification. So if the enterprises want to develop a good, first of all is to achieve safe production of enterprises, from top to bottom to seriously study on safety knowledge, rules and regulations to implement the "safety first," indoctrination to every employee, the recognition of the necessity to secure from the thought, the security production to a new level.

Finally, focusing on the implementation of safety, not only should we shout it in the mouth, keep in mind, the key is to put into production, has become the conscious action of each of our employees, production safety work there is no shortcut, only truly adhere to the system, implement the plan, the details from the scratch, full participation to make our enterprise development better, more brilliant!



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