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The Significance Of Storage Racking Modernization
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The Significance Of Storage Racking Modernization

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1 improve the land utilization rate

Take the attic racking storehouse as an example, the floor area has not changed, the construction area is increased, the volume rate is improved. Compared with the construction steel structure storehouse, the investment construction  racking has the characteristic of little investment, short construction period, quick effect, adjustable and movable.. Therefore, from the factor of volume rate and input output, the implementation of the shelf project effectively improve the land utilization rate.

2 improve the asset utilization and yield

Use of shelf can improve warehouse utilization, in general case equivalent to 1.5 - 2.5 times the amount of storage, storage, with the same proportion of increase in revenue.

Such as attic  racking Library: the home appliance category products for the measurement object, before the transformation of the effective inventory area of 4540 square meters, warehouse utilization rate of 75%. After the transformation of an effective inventory area of 7610 square meters, an increase of 3070 square meters of inventory area, an increase of 77.1%.

For example: the pallet racking beams base materials -- barrels of raw material drug targeted. The original placed 7.5 barrels / square meter, after the shelf can be placed 13.4 barrels / square meter, library capacity increased by 78.7%.

Such as entering type library shelves: Transformation of the former can be placed tobacco approximately 11000 pieces, 6500 cubic meters reduced, after the transformation can be placed tobacco 18000 pieces of, small accessories 512 tray, 1000 pieces of bulky materials, conversion of 12500 cubic meters, storage capacity increase 92.3%.

3 improve the logistics service quality

(1) improving the efficiency of the import and export of goods. Shelf products are generally placed in the tray, products in and out first stacked on the tray and then forklift is placed on the shelves, forklift speed, heavy load, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, the average loading time relationship of 26%.

(2) conducive to the storage of the shelf, reduce the damage of the goods. On the one hand, the goods code restricted by the size and the size of the storage tray, goods piled up must be neat. On the other hand, in beam type shelves and enter the type library shelves goods from code tray on the shelf until the delivery, the goods are on the tray, does not produce multiple stacking action. In the attic type shelf base, the process of vertical transportation of the goods by manual and mechanical matching, reduce the artificial lift due to fatigue caused by the corresponding decline in the packaging damage rate.

(3) the labor intensity of the loading and unloading workers, the enthusiasm of the labor and the enthusiasm of the technology are also increased, and it has a good effect on the stability of the loading and unloading..

(4) facilitate computer management. Each rack is fixed on the shelf only, the goods is fixed on the shelf column is not easy to damage. Each location, input computer, goods to each location number, to be shipped when computer can print out the goods stored in a location number for cargo loading and unloading, can provide the flow of goods of information for customers, better customer service. And the flat base due to a fixed location a location, more difficult, the general computer can only print out area can not be accurate to each location number.

4 enhance corporate image, expand brand awareness

The shelf system operation to further enhance the brand effect of the reservoir. For customers, see is is different from other logistics enterprises advanced logistics facilities, equipment, technology and efficient service, enhance the cooperation and confidence, and for the introduction of large customers, business and high-end products customers to provide a reliable guarantee.
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