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Storage shelves melt into March
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Storage shelves melt into March

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-22      Origin:Site

Now the colleagues who are engaged in the work of SEO have found that the website should have viscosity, enhance the user's experience, not only have the professional technology of SEO, but also have the industry knowledge, so that our website can increase the user's experience. At present, the warehousing shelf industry in the market has developed to various functions, such as shelf-type shelf shared by people and goods, first-in-first-out driving shelf, etc., automatic installation, automatic disassembly of mobile shelves. Nanjing Ives shelf pursues the concept of environmental protection up to now.

How do we manage the environmental protection concept of storage shelves, from the following aspects:

1. Maximize the use of warehouse space. Although the space of warehouse is high or low, we try our best to make use of the size of the warehouse in addition to the convenience of accessing and storing goods at the top level. In practical engineering cases, we find that a lot of enterprise warehousing space has caused great waste.

2. Electric forklift trucks are fully considered in the design of storage shelves. Because electric forklift truck is more environmentally friendly and pollution-free, nowadays many food industries have changed to use this kind of forklift truck, but this kind of forklift truck must pay attention to the size of its passageway when designing storage shelf. Many of our customers have specified which type of forklift to use on the original design storage shelf drawing, but in practice, the forklift truck can be replaced again, which causes the forklift truck to crash the shelf in the actual work. Now.

3. It can be recycled again. At present, most of the warehousing shelves in the market can be recycled, which also maximizes the savings of resources. It will not increase the burden on the environment. Nowadays, there are many companies that recycle storage shelves twice in the market. Our company also recycles a lot of used shelves from old customers. After process reprocessing, it can be sold to customers.


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