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Steel Rack Platform
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Steel Rack Platform

Steel Platform All composite structure, and uprights are made from square or round tube, girders are from H type steel. Cold rolling steel is used to make walkways. Special locks are adopted to fix walkway and girders tightly. The walkway has such advantages as good loading capacity, high precision, quite smooth walkway surface, and it’s easy to be fixed compared with regular walkway. The Garret is equipped with lighting system, easy for accessing and management of goods. Goods are to be conveyed to the second or third floor by forklifts, lifts or staircases and then moved to the pointed position by cart. Compared with conventional concrete garret, steel structure garret has much more advantages as quickly equipped, competitive cost, simply assembling or dismantling, and moreover, this kind of garret can be installed or dismantled freely from one warehouse to another. The whole garret is support certain amount of columns which fixed on the warehouse ground and distance between columns is less than 6000mm. Height of first level is around 3000mm, and H2500mm for second and third floor level. Loading capacity of floor can be designed to be no more than 1000kg / square meter. This type of garret combines perfectly storage with management of goods by setting offices on the garret. Steel structure garret is mostly used for the third part logistics and mechanical Manufacturing industry.     
        Main and Secondary Beam: Hot Rolled Steel or Cold Formed C-shape Steel
0 1.1 2 1
140*50C型钢 160*50C型钢 200*65C型钢 250*65C型钢
140*50 C-shape Steel 160*50 C-shape Steel 200*65 C-shape Steel 250*65 C-shape Steel
    Vertical and horizontal bracing: Connect adjacent columns, form a stable structure, reduce the shaking of platform, increase stability. Material is generally 5 # angle, number of specific design and layout, please consult our technical center or sales engineer.
Handrail: Slice through connecting the barrier fence columns and main and secondary beam, to the barrier films attached firmly.
 Barrier film frame is Φ32 round tube or Φ30 square tube. The welding is Φ25 round tube.
The standard height is 1200mm, the each piece width ≤1200mm. Overall a barrier is firm and nice.
Floor panel and walking stairs are the same as the medium duty shelves.
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