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Six functions of shuttle truck rack system:
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Six functions of shuttle truck rack system:

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1. Load function: Choose dynamic load function according to the higher weight of each plate of enterprise goods, and have overload alarm function.

2. Inventory function: shuttle car should have the function of automatic inventory.

3. Driving speed: The shuttle's no-load or full-load speed is not less than 1 m/s. When it is subjected to tripartite forces (resistance), it should automatically cut off the power supply.

4. Electricity storage: Battery capacity is not less than 80AH, continuous operation for more than 10 hours without charging, the total number of charging should not be less than 1000 times. It should have the functions of power display and power shortage alarm.

5. The function of remote control: It must have the function of opening and cutting off power supply by remote control. It should also have the basic functions of discharging, storing, searching, counting and setting the quantity of discharging and discharging.

6. Other functions: Open ports can be connected to WMS ERP and other systems. The shuttle should have the functions of running state, fault display, manual forward, backward, lifting and emergency parking.

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