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Shelf management optimization
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Shelf management optimization

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-06      Origin:Site

Optimizing shelf management goal is to make high-performance product is easy to see, easy to find, easy to choose, the basic principle as far as possible consistent with the distribution and market share of the shelf area ratio. Specifically the following aspects:

1, the product design choices. Should be placed on the shelf products and brands. Is generally based on the category role: to occupy the highest cubic space, the highest traffic, conspicuous and easy to see the target category of products and brands; the general category should be located in the high-cube space, high-traffic place; season contingency category should be in the general cubic space, the place of the general traffic; low cubic space stores the remaining position placed the convenience category. Thus, an important category placed in a conspicuous location, can attract the attention of consumers, increasing its interest to select the product, to stimulate their desire to buy, storage shelves.

2, the product placement. Overall, the display method should be considered: the visual effect of the shelf, generally in the vicinity of the line of sight horizontal and reach of the range, and its sales better; products display a high degree of a decisive impact on sales, general ideal height from the 80 cm to 130 cm from the ground; price tag display products should be easy to see, in order to assist consumers to obtain price information, and help to supplement and display of products; the proper use of some of the shelf card, can improve the promotion effect.

3, the product display space. Refer to each product and associated brand should occupy shelf space. The measure of shelf space in flat space, three-dimensional space, an area of space three. The spatial distribution of the product should be based on the product's performance, to share space with sales proportional to the product of poor sales of its space should be reduced, so that in the performance of better products. Rejoice, Pantene, Head & Shoulders three kinds of shampoo, for example, each one shelf board, its footprint is 33.33%. However, due to the outstanding performance Rejoice, sales far exceeded the Pantene and Head & Shoulders, its shelf space should obviously be increased. The new shelf space allocation for 66.66% in Rejoice, Pantene and Head & Shoulders shelf space each cut in half.


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