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Shelf development of the industry characteristics of the new era in China
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Shelf development of the industry characteristics of the new era in China

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-16      Origin:Site

Into the 21st century, our shelf industry entered a period of development, the emergence of more and more shelf companies, a place in Nanjing, twelve in the 1990s, while in 2004, Nanjing shelves enterprises jumped to jump 30-40, carried out faster than can be imagined. Move to the industry to carry out, appears the following characteristics:
From the shelves of the country produced a proportion of high concentration levels. In the domestic market, about 70 percent of shelf production from Shanghai from Nanjing, 20% of the shelf, 5% of the shelf from Guangdong, and another 5 percent from Beijing, Tianjin and other parts of the shelf industry and imports shelf.
From a business planning point of view of the shelf industry, middle-planning business enterprises accounted for substantially all. Nanjing ground, only three shelf company can be described as large, has himself produced works perfect selling, producing, packaging, transport system. Most of the shelf companies are selling zero inventory company received orders for processing by the collaboration with processing factories. Shelf issued to the seller for collaborative relationships with shelves of the manufacturing side.
From shelves skills point of view. Single shelf manufacturing skills, of course, regional differences, shelf manufacturing skills is very different, not much different.
Point of view in the form of hair to sell, all shelves trades are based on e-commerce, led by sales tricks, complemented by the hair sold in the form of mailing the company sample.
Industry competition in the regional. Shelf industry with an inevitable level of concentration, thus, competition in this industry there is no definite regional. Its focus on intensive areas there is no definite level inter-industry competition. However, market demand to see competition in the industry is still in demand outstrips supply stage, so that the shelf competition in the industry is not clear, the industry with the industry have each other up, please nature.
In information transmission, the current market, there is no specific introductions shelves, storage products, books and magazines. For this current situation, every shelf, there have been collected to implement my company and products.
Logistics is a strong momentum carried out by the regional economy, like the coastal regions of Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places are using the thriving smooth unfolded. Past we are talking about the market, the primary emphasis produced smooth some to ignore. After a big market to integrate the various types of capital, to constitute a superior race through cash flow, business flow, ability to make regional economic chess game live. The logistics industry is support for this smooth supply of the background, so, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces is shelf largest regional demand, the reason is to place foreign-invested enterprises, the standardization of business operations, with the inevitable planning economy, will certainly require warehouse management standardization and modernization, and thus the demand on the shelves, and other logistics equipment.


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