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Push-back Rack
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Push-back Rack

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The push-back rack, also known as the press-in rack, is one of the high-density storage racking systems and is suitable for the storage of small quantities of large quantities of goods. The system places the goods on the inclined raceway according to the principle of advanced and last out, and the carrying trolley runs along the track. The pallets are placed on the carrying trolley and then pushed back to the inside of the rack, with an effective depth of 5 pallets. After the first tray is taken out at the time of picking up, the next tray slides to the pick-up point by itself, effectively utilizing a single channel for access, and is particularly suitable for storage management of the cargo transfer area.

The push-back storage rack has the following features:

·Applicable to warehouses with a relatively high cost per unit area of the warehouse, such as cold storage, downtown prime location warehouses, etc.

· Provides 20%-30% of the sortability.

· Safety and operational efficiency are higher than drive-in shelves (through shelves).

· Compared with ordinary shelves, it can increase the usage rate of about 60% of the ground.

· Only a forward forklift or counterbalance forklift is required, and the operation requirements of the forklift are lower than that of the push-in type (through type).

 Push-back rack components:

The main accessories consist of columns, beams, rails, carrying trolleys and so on.

Column: There are two columns and cross braces, and the diagonal braces are connected by special screws. The cross section of the column is the same as the tray type rack, so as to meet different bearing requirements, the beam can adjust the rack height of the rack up and down by 75mm.

Beam: There are two column cards welded together with the beam rod. In order to ensure that the beam falls off under abnormal external force, the anti-shedding safety pin connected with the beam and the column is specially designed to ensure the safety of use.

Track: Specially made rectangular track, in order to meet the continuous operation of the carrying trolley and track, a more wear-resistant galvanizing treatment is adopted.

Carrying trolley: welded according to the size of the pallet, the special four wheels of the four-corner device must meet the movement bearing requirements of the cargo.


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