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Pallet Racking|Selective
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Pallet Racking|Selective

  • Pallet Racking storage
Pallet racking is also called storage rack , beam pallet rack , it is composed of frame , beam and other accessory, Load capacity is 4000kg/ level, goods are put on the pallet and stored and took by the forklift.  Chipboard, steel shelf, and wire decking can be laid on the beam. This type of rack is the most popular one which is safe and conveninent . the max adjusted pitch is 11M. it is widely used in manufacturing, the third party logistics, distribution center, warehouse supermarkets etc., aslo more popular in high warehouse shelf and automation . 1

                                                                        76.2mm  Pitch
75mm  Pitch
Beam Type

未标题-1-01 standard pallet support weldment,
U-shaped block is designed to
support the  pallet ;Do not sink welding , when installation ,
ride on the beam
未标题-1-02 Lnk welding , values3 or 19mm
laid wooden shelf,  Top of shelf
is the same as top of beam ,  according to load capacity , choose 50*30 or 60*40. 
shaped and jing-shaped pallet support
( disassemble)do not sink welding .
未标题-1-04 Cylinder pallet support  2 sidesof angle steel welded header,  when installation , ride on the beam , suitable for cylindergoods
未标题-1-05 Rectangular pallet support,100*50 rectangular pipe,2 sides welded header,when installation,ride on the CC beam  未标题-1-06 Bins pallet support: 100*50 cold rolling bins with limit guard board.
Frame protector series Upright protector series
Frame protecter is designed in the 2 side of frame of main walkway, to prevent truck’s crash. The material is Channel and round steel, standard height =500. we can do other height according to customer‘s requirement. The upright protector  is used in sub-walkway and  corner, to prevent the crash when forklift store and take the goods,  the shape of footing is right angle, angle steel and U-shaped, standard hight =280/330, we can do other height according to custemor requirement

channel steel frame protector  round steel frame protector  Right angle upright protector  angle steel upright protector  U-shaped upright protector

1 2
hexagonal bolts
metal plate row spacer : standard length L=300, used in 90*67&100*67 upright .
plate row spacer: two side of C steel is welded together,  connected column by bolts, suitable of all kinds of upright. Standard length L250/300   
Plate wall spacer  one side connected with upright, the other connect with wall.
wire decking,  bending wire is welded with V reinforment , so far, it is widely used in Eurpo and USA, the surface treatment : galvanized or powering 5

How To Choose Pallet Rack
Pallet rack is a material handling storage aid system designed to store materials on pallets. Although there are many varieties of pallet rack, all types allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

When you choose to use industrial racking you have to know exactly what you looking for. There are a few questions you need to answer. How many items do you have for storage or how many items will you potentially store? What type of things will you be storing? How much money are you willing to spend on industrial racking?

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