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Mobile Racking
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Mobile Racking

electric points.Guides can be embedded in the ground or installed in the ground above the base shelf running along the rails,shelves installed above the base,through the sprocket drive system so that each row of shelves for easy smooth movement of goods by hand for access.mainly used for the archives,libraries,banks,corporate data bases,electronic and light industries.
Structural principle :back to back two rows of shelves into a set of cards installed in an underground palace,it can be arranged in multiple groups,each with a number of wheels under the chassis,each chassis has a number of drive motor,by pressing the control button,the driver driven through the chain drive motor and the chassis of the goods on the shelf.
Security measures:motor reducer installed on the chassis,alarm sensing devices,both to improve the positioning accuracy of mobile shelves, but also can control the speed of the driving and stopping,walking to improve the security of the shelf,to prevent jitter of goods on the shelf.Tilting or dumping,each mobile unit to set the motor frequency control,and bilateral for rail detection, multi-level control and measurement devices such as the shelf spacing has detected foreign objects on the track and control the movement distance of the shelf .motor overcurrent,overload protection ,the protection of drive machine ,the system set up mobile shelf unit start early warning function,flashing lights running tips,buzzer alarm function up and running in order to achieve the operator of each device security.
Heavy duty electric mobile rack advantages:
1.Utilization of space is generally twice compared with normal shelf can be up to 80%
2.Simple operation safe and reliable
3.Controlled by computer,fully automatic,semi-automatic and manual functions
4.direct access to each item, without ;imitation FIFO
5.Also used for cold storage,explosion-proof lights for special occasions.

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