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Long Span Shelving I
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Long Span Shelving I

 Main compinents: upright, beam, narrow hanging, wide hanging
and shelf.
Main features:cut-in composite structure, no bolts connection,
easy to install and disassemble, general and beautiful, suitable
for people to put and take out, max
load capacity reaches to 350-400kg/level, which is widely used in
all kinds of lines
, it can be used alone or be arranged by one row.
ps1 Side Board :cole-bending plate with welded reinforcement between two upright20111207152351167
 The shelf is made of superior cold plate,
adding reinforcement, width >600, With 2
pieces of reinforcement, width >920;
each level has 2 pieces shelves. 

   The width is the distance from the center of one upright to another
   Few number of holes in square post, it
makes the rack more stable and
beautiful. It can be adjusted by 50mm
up and down. (H>3000 with 3 level
   Divider plate and shelf installation
The height of divider plate is H=150/200
Suggest that the height is less than 1/2
The distance between divider plate can be adjusted 50mm
   Upright and wide & narrow hanging ( narrow hanging at the top, others are wide hanging)    Base plate series: plastic foot & steel mobile foot

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