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Light Rack are a type of storage Rack
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Light Rack are a type of storage Rack

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         Light Rack are a type of storage Rack, Rack type. It is distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelf. According to this division principle, the load capacity of light Rack in all storage Rack is small. Usually the Rack carries 150kg/layer (the shelf load is mostly calculated in terms of the carrying capacity of the layer).

Light weight Rack are very economical and convenient. A warehouse Rack is often called a light shelf because of its light weight. The Rack is composed of three components: a column piece, a beam, and a laminate. The lightweight Rack is designed with a screwless combination, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble. Suitable for storing some light and small items, it is a kind of laminate Rack. The structure of the light-duty Rack is the same as that of the medium-sized one. It can be dismantled and disassembled at the same time. The height of the layer can be adjusted freely with a pitch of 5cm. However, the material specifications are relatively small and the bearing capacity is relatively small. The light-weight Rack is relatively economical and the structure is relatively versatile. The Rack should be stable and stable. It can carry 100-200kg in the span of 1500cm. The surface is spray-treated, which is beautiful and neat. Suitable for storage of light and medium-sized items, manual access.


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