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How to effectively use storage shelves
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How to effectively use storage shelves

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In recent years, because of the Internet, e-commerce and the development of traditional logistics, but also to the logistics warehouse storage space has brought great pressure, especially in the past Spring Festival, many warehouses have suffered far too last year's explosion. But there are many places in the warehouse but finishing for goods storage arranged in good order, is very clear. How to effectively use the storage shelves? Below by the Nanjing shelf company - Avis shelves for you to introduce:

First, the storage shelves is the key to finishing warehousing

Storage shelves usually have three parts, columns, beams, laminates. This refers to heavy, medium, light storage shelves, such as super heavy, attic type storage shelves, accessories and columns and columns. The three-dimensional structure of storage shelves, can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization rate, enlarge storage capacity; the goods can be convenient to access, FIFO, one hundred percent picking ability, smooth inventory turnover; warehouse shelves of goods, at a glance, easy management, inventory classification, measurement is very important; meet the large quantities of goods, a wide variety of storage and centralized management, with mechanical handling tools, can do the same work orderly storage and handling.

Two, how to improve the utilization of warehouse

To improve the efficiency and reduce the operating cost of the enterprise has become the key problem of the strategic thinking of the enterprise. Luoyang Zhongxing staff said that enterprises need to purchase before taking account of the characteristics of purchased shelves meets their warehouse. For example, beam type shelves than through the shelves to save the warehouse space, warehouse space utilization rate access mode can be advanced first out, but access to the density of the latter is not good.

Luoyang Zhongxing metal products Co., Ltd. is a professional production logistics system and large warehouse facilities of the manufacturers, the main production of medium and heavy shelves, shuttle rack, single double cantilever shelves, attic shelves, steel platform. During the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the CPC Central Committee made a major development goals during the month of 13th Five-Year, in the logistics industry, green logistics is the most important content during the. In response to the main goal of economic development during the period of 13th Five-Year, the Luoyang Star metal efforts are being made to the intelligent storage equipment and green storage equipment transformation.


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