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How to arrange the cantilever rack in china
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How to arrange the cantilever rack in china

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How to arrange the cantilever rack china, and how to standardization of tally and shelf management, need to connect each enterprise's own characteristics, to develop a suitable for their own rule, we've listed below a management goods specification for your reference.
1. The store with the assistant or general manager to make a discussion with related matters.
2. Review of cantilever rack , attention compared to the last visited whether there are varieties of out of stock, out of stock;For the best-selling products, wants to be coordinated with retail stores, stocking inventory, do goods, especially on holidays.Tally clerk must accomplish know fairly well, promptly notify the manufacturer to the supply of the goods.
3. The whole case for the enterprise products on the top shelf or piled up on the cantilever rack  or near to the truck, to ensure that the cantilever rack old after new products before.
4. Observe the price tag.In principle in the process of cargo, the staff to pay attention to the changes of enterprise product price, if there are any abnormal changes in prices, timely to track down reason.Supervise enterprise product terminal price stability, is indispensable to tally in personnel work.
5. Ensure that each shelf products specifications are not less than three display surface, which are three varieties of each product packaging and arranged on cantilever rack , this method is mainly suitable for small supermarket.
6. Ensure cantilever rack  full, clean, ensure display product filled.For the surface is not clean, damaged products, should actively take down from cantilever rack , timely exchange.
7. Paste the promotion products.To decorate in the terminal permission in the shelf area, the cashier advertising samples, the requirements of advertising samples put decent, generous, eye-catching.
8. Records of competition of brand, batch number.Reasonable goods, want to see more of the performance of similar products on the market, take the initiative to learn the dynamic, recorded in detail, and timely report to the company, in order to take corresponding countermeasures.
Communicate with 9. Business in general, know the sales of our products and brand competition and pay attention to choose salesman at leisure time, cut into the natural, relaxed inquiries.


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