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Gravity flow
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Gravity flow

ravity flow racking : one type of beam pallet racking , which uses its own weight to gain energy on roller line slide from warehouse entrance side to exit side, and achieve first in first out principle, as following picture , we need to install damping system to control the sliding speed of pallet and make pallet slide steadily. In order to separate the pallet in exit side successfully, we need to install pallet tripper in exit side. The kind rack is composed of frame, beam, roller frame, roller, damping, splitters and other accessories.
The rack load can be determined according to the design, usually not more than 1500kg/pallet. The rack can be used alone and also can be integrated into an automated warehouse.
a、put and take goods in front and backsides, first in first out;

b、High store density, commonly, the depth is 5-8 pallets (but not more pallet in depth, or dead ends is large in lower rack), completely use area space, one of highest density rack;

c、Suitable for the goods which are of small types, large quantity & Perishable goods, such as medicine, food; not for store heavy goods;

d、Plan utilization rate is around 75%, space utilization rate is max 80% with the change of pallet rack’s layout & the height of space;

e、Because it is "first in, first out" way, flow speed is quite fast, more suited for higher flow speed of the goods or short-term storage of goods;

f、Higher cost, a little complex to maintain.

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