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Flow-through Rcking
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Flow-through Rcking

        Flow through rack is evolved from the mid-shelf. Aluminium or sheet metal roller is used between front beam and
rear beam per layer, a certain slope is needed so that FIFO can be come out ,it is widely used for both sides of the
assembly line process for conversion and The selection of distribution center operations etc,meanwhile,under help of
e-lable,information management is expected.   Canton roller wheel is made of High-quality thermoplastic, Friction
coefficient is very small, and good Impact resistance, In chemical properties, it has good acid and alkali, no moisture,
roller shaft made of stainless steel,loading capacity 6kg/wheel,normally, flow rack specification and loading capacity
:H≤2200mm,L≤2000mmthree upright depth W≤1800mm, four upright depth≤2800mm,1000kg or so for one unit loading
capacity, started rack and added on rack is different,started rack has one more  frame.
0 1.1
Flow through rack 1: base on longspan shelving- D , not included the picking plate
0 1.1

Flow through rack 2: base on longspan shelving- E ,  included the picking plate.
0 1.1

  long waist hole in beam is used for the installing roller and divider plate, and easy to adjust roller and divider plate in beam direction. It has safety pin for the connection between upright and hook, to ensure that the beam will not fall down by external force,

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