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Classification and use of Storage Racking
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Classification and use of Storage Racking

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     Storage racking and supermarket shelves is not the same, apart from supermarket racking have the general features, in addition there is an important function is to display the role. Relative to ordinary supermarket shelves, storage racking broader applications.
Storage racking can be divided into the following types:
   Heavy duty pallet racking: quality cold-rolled steel sheet by roll forming, and column can be as high as 10 meters and the middle joints, beams made of high quality square steel loading capacity of large, easily deformed, hanging between the beams and columns for the insertion convex cylindrical The connection is reliable, easy disassembly, and use the nail to prevent the forklift work will provoke beams; all the surface of the shelf acid, phosphate electrostatic spray processes processing, corrosion and rust, beautiful appearance. 
Applicable to large warehouses.
In the amount of shelf: medium-sized shelves, chic style, reasonable structure, easy assembly and disassembly, do not screw, and the robust, large carrying capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses and institutions.
Lightweight racking: light punching shelf is a highly versatile structure system can be widely used in the assembly of the light rack, workbench, tools, vehicles, suspension systems, security, care and support skeleton. 
The length of angle iron punching fast calibration cut any assembled with screws, as amended and re-install, so that it can meet the use of carefully planned, can be used to meet emergency needs.
In addition, according to the application can be divided into: Mold Rack, Rack Corridor, beam shelves, gravity rack, cantilever rack, mezzanine shelving.

The main purpose of the storage racking:
   The loading capacity of the general storage racking, large shelves on each carrying up to 5000kg, is the most widely used shelf type has a strong commonality. Storage shelves with high-quality steel plate, the surface electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion / rust / solid and handsome. Such shelf specifications, and the bearing is designed to meet the needs of factories, warehouses, wire transfer, storage supermarket. This shelf is the ideal choice when you need shelves on each floor loading capacity 100-150kg, but also up the platform to use, light shelf for the use of light loose item and warehouse stores in the factory store. The plug assembly of the way, easy installation and removal, and a wide range of uses. Steel plate arbitrarily adjustable to meet a variety of requirements.


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