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Cantilever Racking
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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever rack consists of upright, cantilever beam, connect pole and etc. the character is long arm with huge capacity, the cantilever racking is suitable for long and irregular goods which can increase the utilization and work efficiency, cantilever can be the single or double. After added the wood or steel grating that specially it suits for small space and low density storage,  which is easy to manage and open vision. Widely used in machinery processing and building materials supermarkets.


light duty cantilever

medium duty cantilever 

heavy duty cantilever

overweight duty cantilever

models of goods





 load capacity





Comparison of  all kinds of cantilever:

Frame: it consists of upright and base, medium or heavy the upright of cantilever is made up of welding two face-to-face pieces of cold-rolled C steel. This structure design based on steel structure, taking full advantage of load capacity of resistance of materials, and it has characteristics that the light weight, the strong load capacity, the low cost and so on.,so more economical and attractive looks. It has a general structure of foreign, double holes are in the upright and the pitch of holes is 100-140mm,that is the stories of  cantilever can be adjusted by 50mm up and down. Light duty cantilever upright is rectangular tube, overweight cantilever upright is type P hot-rolled steel.  
    Arm: Clip and cantilever beam weld together,and cantilever beam is made of two special cold-roller C steel together
The structure has the advantage of the light weight, the strong load capacity, the low cost and so on. When connected column cards and the uprights, we use specially designed plate bolt or pin, the length of  cantilever can be designed according to customer needs, should not exceed 1500mm.. Overweight cantilever corbel is hot-rolled steel(I-beam steel or H-beam steel), connecting corbels with uprights uses high strength bolts connecting.


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