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Avis Rack Sichuan-Tibet tourism
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Avis Rack Sichuan-Tibet tourism

Views:0     Author:aivis rack     Publish Time: 2019-03-08      Origin:Site

Avis Rack Sichuan-Tibet tourism

In order to enhance the team awareness of the company's employees, let employees relax and enjoy the pleasant scenery of Tibet, the company 2016.7.12 specially organized a "two-week self-driving tour of Sichuan and Tibet" activities.

The picture records the little bit of travel:

The event not only enriched the staff's spare time, enhanced communication and collaboration between the departments, but also made the family of Avis more harmonious, thus better enhancing the cohesiveness of the company and fully demonstrating the team spirit of the company. Everyone is devoted to future work with a higher enthusiasm.

Finally, I would like to thank the company for organizing this tour to provide us with opportunities to relax and enhance communication. With this as the driving force, we will go all out in the future work and create more glory!



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