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Advantages of shelves in narrow roadways and points for attention in use
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Advantages of shelves in narrow roadways and points for attention in use

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Narrow roadway shelf features advantages:

1. The speed of cargo flow is higher than that of general shelves. The roadway forklift can work at a height of up to 14 meters, and the electronically controlled stacking crane can even work at a higher level.

2. Special forklift trucks or cranes are needed, as well as other handling machinery. The shelf of access transfer station not only has the function of storing pallets, but also has the function of supporting and strengthening handling equipment.

3. Structural strength and tolerance matching requirements are extremely strict, jingque design and installation must be considered comprehensively, and semi-automatic auxiliary control should be used in operation to ensure the accurate positioning of pallets in high-level freight space.

Cautions for the use of shelves in narrow roadways?

1. Heavy-duty shelves should be used with top priority and foot priority: high-level light cargo should be placed, and bottom heavy cargo should be placed.

2. To prevent overloading: the stacking weight of each floor should not exceed the maximum load of the shelf.

3. Anti-collision: During the operation of forklift trucks, they should be handled as light as possible to prevent collision with shelves.

4. When there is goods above the shelf, operators should not enter the bottom of the shelf directly.

5. To prevent the use of non-standard platform boards (card boards), pallets, etc. on the shelves, the Sichuan bottom is the most suitable.

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